Letter of Recommendation

   Teacher Letter of Recommendation From Principal 2


It is without reservation that I recommend _______________ as a teacher of high school English. As principal, I engaged him to fill in for another teacher who was on extended medical leave. ____________'s performance greatly exceeded our expectations, and we wish we could keep him on. Our loss is someone else's gain.

____________ is enthusiastic and creative, yet flexible. He was quick to adapt to the way we do things here at _____________ High, but at the same time he was able to put his own spin on things and enhance the existing curriculum. For example, one day I heard a bit too much noise coming from his classroom. Upon investigation, I found the source of the students' excitement: They had gotten a little carried away acting out scenes from Homer's The Odyssey. Engaging teenagers is no easy task, but ___________ excels at it. His classroom management and discipline skills are on-target and will only improve with experience.

He is also an excellent role model for the students, several of whom actually came out on their own time to cheer for him when he was running in a local marathon.

_____________ takes criticism well. (Initially, he had some issues with remaining organized, which is understandable since he was stepping in to implement a curriculum he did not create.) He is a team player and gets along with other teachers and administrators. He is quick to volunteer for collaborative projects and has a keen interest in the workings of the school as a whole.

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