Letter of Recommendation

   Teacher Letter of Recommendation From Principal


I highly recommend ____________________ for a position teaching in a middle school or junior high. As principal of ____________ Middle School, I had the pleasure of interacting with him on many occasions over the two years he taught here, and I was always impressed by his teaching and classroom management skills.

________________ is an excellent science teacher, but has also pinch-hit for us in the math department with success. I have observed him several times in class, and his hands-on approach is a perfect fit for students experiencing the often-distracting pre-teen and early teen years. While his teaching ability seems to come naturally, I also credit his hard work and diligence. I can't tell you how many times I swung by the school in the early evening and saw his car still in the parking lot.

While _______________ is not one to tolerate misbehavior in or out of class, he is always willing to hear a student out on an issue. He comes up with creative ways of disciplining students that corrects the problem behavior while also serving as a learning experience.

_________________ has the potential to touch the lives of many children. I expect him to excel in any role in which he is placed.

_______________ was only let go due to a reduction in force prompted by declining enrollment. If we had the budget, I would not hesitate to keep him on board.

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