Letter of Recommendation

   Teacher Letter of Recommendation


I am pleased to recommend _____________ for a teaching position. She was my student teacher this year, and she was wonderful. She immediately adapted to my teaching style, but never shied away from offering her own ideas and perspectives.

________________ is a real team player and always has the best interests of her students, and the school at large, at heart. She is a confident instructor and manages the classroom as if she's been teaching for years.

She also has a gift for curriculum development. Given just a few prompts from me, ___________ put together the perfect plan for our second grade mid-year science unit. Her ideas were fresh and exciting, and when implemented engaged the class completely. I was almost a little jealous!

The children love "Miss ______________." She, appropriately, commands respect, but is genuinely caring and interested in each of the students. A group of them came to me and asked if we could do something special for her on the last day of school, and the children came up with the cute idea of planting flower pots with a student's name on a little craft stick in each one. Miss _____________ could plant them and think of each student as they grew! She had tears in her eyes when they gave her the flower pots.

The school that ultimately hires ____________ will find itself fortunate indeed. If our district was not in the midst of declining enrollment, I'm certain she would be hired immediately.

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