Letter of Recommendation

   Special Program Admission Recommendation 2


It is my pleasure to recommend ____________ for __________ University's Master of Arts/ Master of Science In Writing program. This course of study would be a natural progression for __________, a skilled and energetic writer with a natural gift for nonfiction.

I came to know _________ while she was a participant in the intern program I supervise at _____________. She quickly rose to the top of our group of summer interns and became a valuable resource for the paper and a talented, trustworthy individual we continue to count on. She is now paid for her work here.

________'s intelligence immediately impressed me, as did her versatility as a writer. She is as confident taking on a news story or personality profile as she is a restaurant review or travel piece. Her ability to quickly grasp complex concepts, while simultaneously picking up on political and social nuances, is invaluable in a newspaper or magazine setting. _________ also has a remarkable ability to communicate topics in an interesting way. She is socially adept, a pleasure to be around and naturally curious. _________ is also well-traveled and fluent in Spanish.

Acceptance into ___________ University's writing program would hone ________'s skills and round out an already-adept young writer.

If I can be of additional help, please feel free to call or email me.

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