Letter of Recommendation

   Special Program Admission Recommendation


It is without reservation that I recommend ______________ be accepted into the _________________ program.

I first came to know ______________ in fall 2007 when she was a student in my freshman-level Critical Thinking in Small Groups class of 24 students. She immediately stood out from the group as one of the most insightful, curious students I have ever had the pleasure to have in class. Her critical thinking skills are especially well-developed.

While always respectful, ______________ has challenged my own thinking at times and is not one to settle for the "easy explanation." For example, I pair the students up for one-on-one debates, and one day when an absence left us with an uneven number of students, _____________ volunteered to debate me. Now, I am no rookie, but _____________ won that debate fair and square, with well-thought-out arguments and an engaging speaking style. She also has a great personality, and was well-liked by the class. I subsequently was pleased to be assigned the role of ___________'s official academic advisor.

Not only is ____________ a pleasant person, she is an excellent student. As you can see from her transcripts, she has maintained a 3.7 grade point average while engaging in several extra-curricular activities. She lights up when she talks about her "Little" in the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization, and last semester she organized the department food drive for the needy.

Again, I strongly recommend _____________. She has the winning combination of being bright, eager and personable. Your program will be the better for having included her. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like further information.

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