Letter of Recommendation

   Scholarship Recommendation Letter 5


I hold _______________ in the highest esteem, and recommend her for the ______________ Scholarship without reservation.

As her trigonometry teacher, I can attest that ____________ is not one to back down from a challenge, either academic or personal. She finishes what she starts and never lets adversity get her down. (Due to family circumstances, __________ holds down a job 20 hours a week and also works as a math tutor after school.)

Her combination of academic achievement, community involvement and personal character make __________ an ideal candidate. Additionally, she has already been accepted to several universities, and the decision she ultimately makes will be governed largely by financial factors. This scholarship would allow her to attend her top-choice school.

Once you meet __________________, you will see why I am so enthusiastic about her both as a student and a young citizen.

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