Letter of Recommendation

   Scholarship Recommendation Letter 4


This letter servers my wholehearted endorsement of ______________ as recipient of the _________________ Scholarship. I am the principal of ________________ High School.

______________ is a true self-starter. His teachers tell me that once he is assigned a project, there is no need to look over his shoulder. In fact, he often takes on leadership roles and guides his classmates in reaching collective goals. He works as well in groups as he does independently.

His level of maturity is rare in a high school setting. Because of his natural abilities, _____________ is routinely chosen by the high school administration to serve as an "ambassador" to visiting officials. I expect that he will excel in a wide range of academic, career and social settings.

The courses at __________ High School are especially challenging, but _____________ not only met all the requirements; he took on several advanced placement courses. Additionally, to save money and to get a jump start on college, ____________ took and passed six Advanced Placement tests, setting a record for our school.

I am impressed by ____________'s grades, diligence and character. It has been a pleasure to have him at our school. He is most deserving of a scholarship.

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