Letter of Recommendation

   Scholarship Recommendation Letter 3


I can't stress enough my support for _______________, who has applied for the _____________ Scholarship. Having him in my English classes for the last two years has been a real pleasure, and I look forward to his bright future at ______________ University.

__________________ has maintained a 3.8 grade point average and has particularly excelled in creative writing and in the newspaper lab class, which I advise. He is involved in a wide range of extracurricular activities, from ski club to volunteering at the local homeless shelter. He tells me he aspires to be either a novelist or the director of a nonprofit. Whatever path he chooses, I know he will excel and prove our respective schools proud.

Unfortunately, ______________'s family financial situation does not match his academic achievements and personal drive. A series of setbacks depleted his college fund, yet the family cannot qualify for state and federal grants. Still, ___________ remains committed to his first-choice college, and in fact has already been granted early admission.

This scholarship would go a long way toward helping ______________ achieve his goals, and I strongly urge you to award it to him.

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