Letter of Recommendation

   Sample Letter Of Recommendation 5


__________________ is an exceptional fry cook who would excel in food service or any job that requires patience, listening skills and an eye for detail. As shift supervisor at the Burger Bayou, I had the opportunity to observe him from training day until now, a year later.

He was never late for work, volunteered to cover his coworkers' shifts and always took his job seriously. It is rare to find a fry cook who sees beyond the seeming monotony of an entry-level job and has the work ethic to take it to the next level.

I have repeatedly recommended to company executives that ____________ be promoted to counter work, but Burger Bayou policy extends those jobs only to employees who have graduated from high school, which ____________ has not. As a result of this limited advancement, he is seeking employment elsewhere.

I strongly urge you to hire ____________. You won't find anyone who takes their job more seriously.

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