Letter of Recommendation

   Sample Letter Of Recommendation 3


I strongly recommend ________________ for any job that requires quick thinking, great organizational skills and a pleasant demeanor when working with people. I had the pleasure of being one of ______________'s supervisors when she served as account coordinator for ABC Company's sales department.

She juggled literally hundreds of accounts for six sales representatives, making their jobs easier and, by extension, helping our firm to increase sales by 8 percent in 2007. While at ABC, she implemented a new spreadsheet system that resulted in a much smoother process from sales to delivery. At first, upper management resisted the idea of doing things differently, but _____________ was so adept at communicating her vision that it was ultimately adopted and embraced.

________________ was efficient and effective in her professional role, but also took the time to engage coworkers and clients with a genuine interest in how they were doing. I wish all our employees could be as kind and friendly as ________________.

Any company that hires _______________ will find their money well spent.

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