Letter of Recommendation

   Roommate Reference Letter


It is without reservation that I recommend _______________ as a roommate.

I first met __________ when we were assigned to share a suite in the dorms at State University. What good luck! _____________ was consistently courteous, neat, and respectful of my personal space. I have none of the roommate "horror stories" one might typically hear. In fact, the experience was so positive that ___________ and I chose to rent a house together after our freshman year, and went on to be roommates for a year and a half, until I moved out to live with my boyfriend.

__________ does not keep late hours, and is not a loud tenant. In the 18 months we lived together, she was never late with the rent and willingly shared in household upkeep and cleaning.

Besides being responsible and kind, ___________ is genuinely a fun person to have around. She has a great sense of humor, is down-to-earth and is not prone to "drama" of any kind.

I would not hesitate to share a rental with __________ in the future.

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