Letter of Recommendation

   Rental Reference Letter From Landlord Owner


I am writing to vouch for the reliability and character of the _____________ family as tenants. For three years, the family rented a single family house I own in the city of _______________.

During that time, Mr. and Mrs. ______________ took exceptional care of the property. This, I assume, was no easy task, being as the couple has three children under the age of five. However, when they moved out they truly left the house and yard in better condition than in which they found it. In fact, with my permission they planted a wonderful flower garden which to this day enhances the property greatly.

They were late with the rent only once, when Mrs. ____________'s mother was in the hospital and they simply forgot to pay it. I was not at all inconvenienced, but Mrs. ____________ was mortified and drove right over to deliver the rent check as well as one of her home-baked peach pies.

Believe me, I know that good tenants are hard to find. You could not do much better than having the ______________s in your rental.

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