Letter of Recommendation

   Volunteer Recommendation Letter


I would like to recommend my friend ________________________ for the volunteer position you have available in your organization.

________________________ is a goodhearted, dedicated woman, who would do just about anything to help a person in need. If that doesn't sum up exactly what you want in a volunteer, I don't know what does. I have known her a long time now, and she has come to my rescue more times than I would care to admit. But each time she helps someone, she does it with grace and compassion, so that the recipients of her aid never feels as if they are a burden in any way.

You are in an unusual position, being the volunteer coordinator for an organization that has so much interest that you have to actually turn away volunteers. But you simply cannot afford to say no to ________________________. She will work incredibly hard, and be the shining example by which you will subsequently judge all your volunteer candidates.

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