Letter of Recommendation

   Recommendation To Hire Intern

I am pleased to recommend {Name} for a full-time position here at {Company} after the completion of {his/her} internship on {date}. {Name} started here on {date} under my supervision and has quickly become an integral part of our department.

When {Name} started here, I gave {him/her} the standard tasks that all interns learn, but {he/she} quickly finished those tasks and expressed interest in other things. {His/her} clear passion for this field became readily apparent as {he/she} started tackling {more difficult tasks} and succeeding at them with minimal oversight.

At this point, I rely on {Name} not only for {tasks listed above} but for {other qualities and helpful activities} that make our department run smoothly. {He/she} also fits in well with our team, bringing {personality traits/social offerings} to the mix in a way that especially smooths out {difficult aspect of department}. Running this team is easier with the help of {Name}.

I would like to recommend that we hire {Name} on as {position}, which would allow {him/her} to continue {duties} while expanding {his/her} expertise in {aspect}.

Please contact me at {information} if you have any other questions.

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