Letter of Recommendation

   Long Layoff Recommendation Letter


I understand __________________________ that has applied for a position within your company, and I would like to offer my opinion on his ability to perform the functions of the job.

I know that __________________________ has not been employed for quite some time now, but I hope that won't make you less willing to consider him for the position.

Long layoffs are entirely too common in the current economic climate. It is unfortunate that __________________________ was a victim of downsizing at his previous place of employment, and even more unfortunate that he has been unable to find a position since that time, but I hope you will not punish him for that. He is the hardest worker I know, and one of the smartest men I've met, and I know he can step right into a position at your company without showing the slightest ill effects from having been unemployed for this length of time.

I hope you will contact me if you have any questions or comments on this matter.

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