Letter of Recommendation

   Recommendation From Tenant

I am happy to recommend both {Name} and {Rental Agency} for anyone looking to rent housing in {City}. {Name} is an incredibly supportive and responsive landlord, and I have never lived in a nicer place for such reasonable prices.

I have lived in {Building Name} since {date}, and I have really valued the amount of personal creativity I was permitted to inject into my space. {Name} was very open to communicating about {decorating and alteration projects}. {He/she} has always been very quick to help with problems that arise. When my {housing part} broke, {Name} arrived within {amount of time} to completely replace the faulty part with better materials. I have had no problems with it since.

{Name} doesn't cut corners, and {he/she} considers my happiness as a tenant a high priority. All of the buildings under {Rental Agency} have {amenities} and are clean, safe spaces. I can't imagine living anywhere else.

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