Letter of Recommendation

   Recommendation From Doctor

I am writing this letter to recommend {Name} for admission to the medical school at {University}. As {he/she} has been shadowing me for the last {amount of time}, I can confidently say that {he/she} would be a wonderful asset to the medical community at large.

I have been a {field} doctor for the last {amount of time}, with {number} years spent as {position} at {hospital/clinic}. Every year I have {number} students shadow me, and {Name} has been one of the best. {He/she} is a devoted and hardworking student, with a particular compassion and excellent bedside manner that comes from {personal anecdote}. {He/she} is also a quick study, with {awards/focus} on {subject} that has led to {anecdote about Name's competency}.

Medicine is a difficult field for many students because of the long hours, the overwhelming sensory input, and the pressure of a rigorous course load. {Name} has met all of these challenges with vigor and aplomb. I have been continuously impressed with {his/her} straightforward approach to every issue. {Brief description of student overcoming difficulty}.

I strongly believe that {Name} will make {his/her} mark at {University} and help shape the next generation of medicine. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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