Letter of Recommendation

   Recommendation From Dean

As an administrator for {University}, I very rarely get the chance to get to know students in any significant capacity. However, it has been my great pleasure to be involved in {Name}'s higher education, and to recommend {him/her} for {job/award}.

I was first introduced to {Name}'s work {amount of time} ago, when I had the opportunity to see {him/her} present {his/her} findings on {research}. I was impressed with the intelligent conclusions {he/she} drew and the thorough research practices {he/she} conducted. Since that time, I have had the pleasure of granting {him/her} the {Award/Grant Name} for {reason} and the {Award/Grant Name} for {reason}.

In {date}, I was on the board for {Name}'s thesis, wherein {he/she} {description of thesis}. This raised many pertinent and pressing questions in the field of {field} and opened up an incredible avenue for exploration within {subject}. I am interested to find out where {his/her} research leads in this regard, and feel that {he/she} should have all the resources necessary to follow it.

I have been the dean of {University} for {amount of time}, and {Name} is one of the brightest and most promising students I have had the privilege of supporting. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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