Letter of Recommendation

   Recommendation From Client

I have been a client of {Company} for the last {amount of time}, and in that time I have always asked to work exclusively with {Name}. Although I am loathe to lose a {position title} who is so competent, patient, and caring, I am happy to recommend {him/her} for {promotion/new position/etc.}.

{Name} has been my {lawyer/doctor/plumber/etc.} since {date}, and {he/she} has always made me feel like the highest priority. The time and effort that {he/she} put into {fixing my sink/diagnosing the pain in my back/installing my TV} made me feel like I was truly important to {Company}, and that my satisfaction mattered.

{He/she} is also extremely adept at {his/her} job. {Specific example}. I have always felt that I got superior service for a very reasonable and honest price, and that is no small thing in {field}. Quite simply, {Name} is the best.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any other information.

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