Letter of Recommendation

   Recommendation For Resigned Employee

It is my pleasure to recommend {Name} for {position}. {He/she} was a {position} from {date} until {date}. {He/she} resigned to pursue {field}, and I am so pleased to know that career path is coming to fruition.

During {his/her} tenure here, {Name} was responsible for {tasks}. I was always appreciative that {he/she} was a self-starter and took the initiative to plan and execute the program without undue supervision. {He/she} maximized our time and efficiency, and we saw a {percentage} increase in productivity during {his/her} years here.

Personally, I was very pleased with {Name}'s performance and diligence within the office. {He/she} was always punctual, polite, and friendly with the other staff. {He/she} put 100% of {his/her} effort into every project, often staying late or coming into work on weekends.

{Name} was a model employee, and it's good to see {him/her} succeeding in {his/her} new field. Please contact me at {contact information} if you have any questions.

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