Letter of Recommendation

   Recommendation For Recruiter

I am writing this letter of recommendation for {Recruiting Agency} generally and {Recruiter} in particular. I am so grateful for the way {he/she} helped me put my career back on track and get my life in order.

When I came in contact with {Agency}, I had been unemployed for {amount of time}. I was laid off of my job as a {position} due to {reason}. I was seeking new employment with no success, including {employment avenues}. I had stopped seeking {position} and even started exploring the possibility of settling for {positions} and pay cuts of up to {percentage}.

While I had lowered my own expectations of myself and my future possibilities, {Recruiter} was there to help me find my best avenue moving forward. {He/she} got me interviews with {employers} within {amount of time}, and active work by {date}.

I am now happily employed as a {position} and have {Recruiter} entirely to thank. I recommend them wholeheartedly for anyone who is seeking help finding their own career path.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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