Letter of Recommendation

   Recommendation For Karate

I am proud to recommend {Name} for the advancement to {belt level} in {his/her} self-defense classes. As {Name}'s {teacher, friend, relation, etc.}, I have been impressed with {his/her} maturity and dedication to taking these classes. I have watched {him/her} make time for training and practice with a respectful mindset and fierce determination.

{Name} has always exhibited excellent leadership qualities and a civic outlook. {He/she} consistently {volunteers, participates in extracurricular activities, is part of NHS, etc.}. {He/she} is always courteous and patient with others. {Specific example}.

I know that {Name} takes karate very seriously as a martial arts exercise, a mental discipline, and a responsibility to exercise good judgment. {He/she} has worked very hard at this, especially recently with {his/her} doubles and triples. I think {he/she} would do very well moving up to the next belt.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please contact me directly if you have any questions.

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