Letter of Recommendation

   Recommendation Branch Transfer

I am writing this letter to recommend {Name} for a transfer from the {branch location} branch to the {branch location} branch. As a {position} who has worked with {Name} extensively and also spent time between both the {branch} and {branch} locations, I feel strongly that the transfer would make a good fit for both {Name} and the company.

For the past {amount of time}, I have been a {supervisor/colleague} to {Name}. {He/she} has always been an incredibly dedicated employee at {Company}, devoting extra evenings and weekends to {project(s)} and increasing productivity by {percentage} with the introduction of {technique}. {His/her} department has benefited from {his/her} {working/managerial} style, and I know that we could use more of that in our other locations.

{Branch}, specifically, occasionally struggles with a coherent project schedule and a consistent team leader. During my {month} trip there, I noted {anecdotal evidence}. With {positions} opening up there, {Name} would be an ideal candidate for motivating the department and increasing efficiency.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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