Letter of Recommendation

   Peace Corps Recommendation

Dear {Name}:

____________ is an ideal candidate for service in the Peace Corps.

I have known her since she was a student in my sophomore biology class in Anytown High School. She has always been a self-starter, dedicated to the task at hand, and energetic. While her overall grade point average doesn't place her among the top-achieving students, she has consistently excelled at the sciences.

It's rare to find a young woman as empathetic and well-liked as ____________. She is honest and loyal. She has many friends, of many cultural backgrounds, yet is comfortable on her own as well.

To my knowledge, ____________ has never been motivated by money or material things. Rather, she's most happy when she's volunteering at the community garden, or teaching composting courses at the community center. She would fit in especially well in a program relating to agriculture and helping people.

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