Letter of Recommendation

   Parole Board Character Reference 4


I am writing to express my strong support for the parole of __________________, who is currently incarcerated at ____________________ Penitentiary as inmate number _____________.

I am __________________'s son. My father has been in prison for 22 years, having been convicted of causing the deaths of ____________ and _____________. While my father asserts that he did not commit these crimes, he feels their families' loss deeply and expresses sympathy for them often.

I recognize that these crimes are very serious. However, in light of the recent ____________ court ruling determining _________________, I believe it is appropriate to consider parole at this time.

My father had no prior convictions at the time of his sentencing, and everyone who knows him sees him as a trusted soul who puts his family and friends above all else. He is philosophically committed to nonviolence and would pose no risk to the public if released.

Furthermore, ____________ has made the best use possible of his time in prison, securing a degree and mentoring other prisoners in creative writing, even as he works on his own book.

My father is now 52 years of age and suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. It is unclear how many meaningful years he has left on earth. I am pleading for compassion on his behalf.

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