Letter of Recommendation

   Parole Board Character Reference 3


My name is ____________ and I am writing to respectfully request that my brother, _________________, be granted parole.

__________________ is three years older than I am, and while we were growing up he played the role of protector and confidant. He is sensitive, kind, honest and caring. I can't have imagined a better role model growing up.

Sadly, ______________ got into controlled substances in high school, and was ultimately arrested, tried and sent to prison for possession and sale of methamphetamines. While it's true that my brother used and sold drugs, he was always a peaceful man and never engaged in other illegal activities, such as theft, to support his habit.

__________ accepts full responsibility for his crimes. Through the drug treatment program offered through the prison system, as well as counseling during visits by our family pastor, has examined why he turned to drugs and is committed to staying clean when he is released.

Perhaps due in part to my brother's influence, I went to college and am now employed as a high school counselor. I can tell when someone is trying to "pull one over on me," and this is not the case with my brother. If _____________ is granted parole, I will not hesitate to welcome him into my home, including building a relationship with my two young children.

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