Letter of Recommendation

   Nomination For Valedictorian

I would like to nominate {Name} for valedictorian for the graduating class of {year}. I believe that {Name} has not only the academic excellence but the civic-minded leadership and community involvement that makes {him/her} truly representative of the best of this student body.

I have been {Name}'s {teacher/counselor/fellow student} for the last {amount of time}. I have seen {Name} make this school proud at every turn. {He/she} has been the {leader of the chess team, a goalie in soccer, on student council, part of NHS, etc.} for the last {amount of time} and has been a key figure in recruiting new members as well as raising awareness of {causes/goals}. I have never seen so much drive in a student to make the school a more interactive and involved places.

{Name} is also a great student. {He/she} has taken {number} AP classes as well as several classes in {subjects} at the university for college credit. {He/she} has a {GPA} GPA and is well-liked by all {his/her} teachers and classmates.

I cannot recommend {Name} highly enough for this role as valedictorian. Thank you for your time.

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