Letter of Recommendation

   Nomination For Phi Beta Kappa

I am nominating {Student} Name for Phi Beta Kappa, {Year}.

{Name} has {number} credits in the liberal arts, having {majored/double majored} in {degree} and minored in {degree}. {He/she} took {number} years of {second language}, reaching {highest class level taken}. {His/her} cumulative GPA is {GPA}.

In addition to meeting all the requirements for Phi Beta Kappa, {Name} is, quite simply, an exemplary student. I taught {Name} in {classes} and {he/she} was always an active participant who engaged readily and often in class discussion. {His/her} essays were thought-provoking and well-researched, and {he/she} had a genuine thirst to learn.

I truly believe that {Name} will go far and accomplish great things in {his/her} higher education. I cannot recommend {him/her} enough for Phi Beta Kappa.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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