Letter of Recommendation

   Nomination For Customer Service Award

I would like to nominate {Name} for the Customer Service Award for {his/her} work over the last {amount of time} implementing the new customer feedback survey. {His/her} enthusiasm and dedication to providing quality service to our {clients/customers/students} has really helped our online reviews and the word-of-mouth about our organization.

I have never seen {Name} at the job without a huge smile on {his/her} face and a cheerful greeting for everyone who walked in. I have seen {him/her} patiently and graciously take abuse without ever reflecting it back on {his/her} customer or coworkers. There is a dedication to professionalism and kindness that sets {Name} above the rest, and it shows up in the thoroughness of {his/her} work as well. {Specific example}.

{Name} has also done an exceptional job introducing the new customer feedback survey on a broad scale. Already, based on the trends and patterns from the data {he/she} has acquired from {number} surveyed, the company has increased {positive qualities} and saved {amount of money and/or time}.

{Name} is an indispensable member of our team and the best customer service representative I have ever met. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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