Letter of Recommendation

   Master of Laws Recommendation

Dear {Name}:

I'm writing to recommend ____________ for your Master of Laws program. I was her professor at Anytown University, and she excelled in all four of my courses. I have no doubt that she will similarly succeed in your program.

____________ has gone beyond the typical student's level of achievement. She's contributed a great deal here, not the least of which was her research into the field of Widgetry Law and how it's applied. Our faculty was so impressed with her results that she was invited to co-author a paper for Widget Journal & Review. Her analytic and writing ability reveal maturity and thought processes that I've rarely seen among students at her stage of life. She also displays many leadership qualities and has a likable personality.

I'm certain her performance in your Master of Laws program would be top-notch; her potential is very high.

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