Letter of Recommendation

   MBA Recommendation Letter


It is without reservation that I recommend _______________ for your MBA program. She is an extraordinary student, and one who I'm confident will excel at _____________ University.

I have had ______________ in my undergraduate business courses for three years now, and during that time she has repeatedly expressed her goal of securing an MBA. Specifically, she has long aspired to be admitted to your fine program.

_______________ has repeatedly distinguished herself at our university. Besides serving as an officer in the Students In Enterprise program, she has mentored junior high school students as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Program. She is also a center on the ________ University Cougars basketball team. Even with all these activities, _____________ is an A student as well, as you can see from her transcripts.

Last semester, ____________ exhibited exceptional qualities as she served as co-organizer of the Business Department Job Fair. When two employers backed out of the event, she was resourceful enough to contact and secure new participants to take their place. The job fair was a huge success, connecting students with employment opportunities while spreading goodwill about the university's business partners.

To reiterate, ______________ is an excellent candidate for an MBA. If her work in my classes is any indication, she will definitely be an asset to your school.

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