Letter of Recommendation

   Long Term Unemployed Recommendation

Dear {Name}:

I recommend with full confidence ____________ as a housesitter. _________ has been watching my home during vacations and other absences for _________ years, and everything has gone smoothly.

It's without hesitation that I recommend ____________ for a position with your company.

I worked alongside ____________ at ABC Company for two years and after he was promoted he was my supervisor. He was as competent and pleasant a boss as he was a colleague. I would welcome the opportunity to work with or be led by him again.

As his resume details, ____________ has the education, experience, and qualifications you seek. But you also need to know that his leadership skills are unmatched and he is truly a great guy to have in your corner. While he was in charge, ABC Company grew its sales by at least 23 percent per quarter for an entire year.

I also want to speak to an issue that ____________ relates has been indicated as a barrier in the past: the fact that he's been unemployed now for quite some time. I cannot imagine why this factor would count against a qualified applicant with exemplary credentials. All of us at ABC Company were shocked when ____________ was let go, for reasons that had nothing to do with performance. Whatever company eventually brings him on board is fortunate indeed.

____________ is a superior choice for this position. Please give him your utmost consideration.

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