Letter of Recommendation

   Live In Nanny Letter Of Recommendation


I take great pleasure in recommending ______________ as a live-in nanny. She lived in our home while taking care of our children before and after school for two years, and the entire time she fit into our lives like she was a natural part of our family.

_______________ was like a second mother to our two children. She developed a strong bond with each of them, but never undermined our role as parents. She even kept a brief daily journal to keep us apprised of the kids' doings. When she resigned to move to another city, she presented us with a handmade scrapbook commemorating her time with our family.

Moreover, _______________ served as an extremely capable household manager. She is incredibly organized and did much of our grocery shopping, the kids' clothes shopping (including back-to-school) and took on household tasks such as laundry and preparing the children's breakfast and snacks.

Her first priority was always the children, however. ____________ was unwaveringly loving toward our children, yet was able to discipline them appropriately when needed. Her judgment is impeccable, and we always knew our kids were safe with her.

My son, who is now eight years old, recently drew a picture of himself and his sister with ___________________. (I've enclosed a photocopy). You can tell from all the hearts on it how he feels about her!

You will not be disappointed if you hire ____________ as your nanny. Please call me if you'd like to hear more about our experiences with her.

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