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Tech Support

It took years for our company to find a great tech support person: It's ______________. Not only is she skilled in all operating systems, as well as online applications, she communicates technological issues in a straight-forward, accessible way. If we simply want to her to fix a problem, she does it, but if we want to know the "why" behind it, her explanations are clear and concise. She's also quick to respond and pleasant to be around.

Web Master

I don't know how _____________ does what he does. All I know is, after we hired him to design our company's Web site, it did everything we asked and more, and looks great. He is easy to work with and is a great listener. Besides the technical skills to run the "back end" seamlessly, __________ has a real eye for design. I recommend his work to friends and colleagues all the time.

Search Engine Optimization

We hired ______________ to raise our company's profile on the Web. He was realistic yet optimistic about what he could do for us in terms of ranking, but his work greatly exceeded our expectations. Thanks to his expertise, our firm's pages rose in search rankings and traffic to our sites have grown exponentially. He did it all with an eye toward the long-term-no shady tricks for this SEO expert!

System Administrator

_____________ came on board to help grow our eCommerce network and within a few months we had promoted him to oversee several other technicians as well as handle all installations. We were all impressed by his work ethic and body of knowledge. He's a skilled troubleshooter and was always willing to fill in on desktop support.

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