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We hired __________ to present safety material to our elementary school kids. It's hard to keep over 100 young students interested, but __________ used his acting skills to great effect. He was engaging, funny and talented to the point that even we, the staff, found ourselves enthralled. I recommend him as a great way to demonstrate theatrical fun and important information.

Substitute Teacher

_____________ substituted in our middle school's 7th grade math class, 8th grade science class and 6th grade homeroom. For each classroom she readjusted smoothly and completely, adapting to new age groups, subjects and students with ease and grace. She taught very well from the syllabus and came up with several fun new games that the children continued to request after she had left. We highly recommend her for permanent and substitute teaching positions.

Public Speaker

We brought in ___________ to speak to our new recruits about sales efficiency and marketing strategies. Boy, did she know her stuff! She thoroughly researched our company's statistics, guidebooks, stratagems and weaknesses. She gave a powerful speech on improvements we could make and answered questions from our staff easily and efficiently. I would recommend this well-researched and charismatic speaker for any need.

Program Instructor

When our office upgraded from an old, 20-year computer system to a whole new set of filing programs, browsers and operating systems, we knew we needed an expert. Fortunately, ____________ was able to instruct us in understanding, using, fixing and programming our new system. He made very confusing and complicated information simple and understandable. He made sure no one got frustrated and that everyone learned the correct way of operating the program. We recommend this talented young man to all the other luddites out there!

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