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Graphic Designer

_____________________ is an unbelievable talented graphic designer. She loves her craft and is exceptional at communicating her ideas while embracing the clients' needs. Our firm turns to her again and again for her excellent, creative designs and quick turn-around on projects.

Art Gallery

I worked with ____________ for three years at ABC Gallery, and I have never met anyone with such a passion and gift for selecting exhibits and presenting the artists' work to the public in the best possible way. During her time here, we saw sales increase threefold. She is simply amazing.


____________ is a skilled researcher and dedicated writer. As an editor, I count her among the best freelancers in the field of environmental journalism. She consistently produces top-quality articles on deadline.


______________'s biggest strength as an editor is his ability to coach writers in a manner that results in better articles that retain the writers' voice. He is smart, perceptive and a skilled writer in his own right. It goes without saying that __________ is adapt at catching errors of style and grammar and knows Associated Press style backward and forward.


When our business needs top-quality photos, _______________ is the photographer we call. His combination of technical skills and friendly, approachable manner make him the consummate professional. We would not think of using any other commercial photographer for our annual reports, company brochures and other materials. Put his number on your speed dial!

Sign Artist

_______________ has the rare ability to take direction well, yet "run with" her own creative ideas. We were consistently impressed with her work at our grocery store, and it was common for customers to ask who "did" our signs. She is as comfortable with paints as she is with chalk, and she infuses each project with a subtle sense of humor. Her rates are very reasonable and she works quickly and professionally.

Grant Writer

I credit _______________ with securing more than $200,000 in grant funding during the time she worked as development director for our small nonprofit. She is well-versed in working with both foundations and public agencies, and is truly passionate about serving underrepresented people and organizations. She's also fun to be around; I miss her.

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