Letter of Recommendation

   Letter Of Recommendation Student Teacher


I would like to recommend ____________________________ as a wonderful and competent teacher for the ___________ grade. For the last ________________ weeks, he has been a student teacher for my class at __________________________ School.

________________________ now has extensive knowledge for how to teach ___________ year-olds. During his time here, he helped to create and organize a syllabus, find appropriate texts, assign creative projects and grade numerous tests and papers. He was also responsible for teaching ________ classes under my supervision regarding the topics of __________________.

In addition to his proficiency at effectively managing a classroom, ___________________ was also well-loved by the students. Although he retained a good sense of humor and infinite patience, he was also firm and disciplined with the students. On one occasion he had a student who continually spoke out and loudly demanded unreasonable breaks, recesses and movies throughout the day. _______________ managed to strike a time-saving compromise wherein a five-minute video would be watched at the end of the week in exchange for the student's quiet and attentive behavior. I found this problem-solving technique to be empathetic, firm and extremely effective.

_______________________ was a wonderful addition to my classroom and I whole-heartedly recommend him for any teaching position in this age range.

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