Letter of Recommendation

   Letter Of Recommendation Student Loan


I am writing on behalf of _________________________, who is applying for a ___________ loan in order to pay for school. As an educator for the last __________ years, I have never met a more responsible, goal-driven student. I have no doubts as to his ability to pay back this loan in a timely fashion.

__________________ plans to go to school in order to become a ___________________. Already he has looked into internships and work study in order to make money during the school year. He took my _________________ classes and always proved himself to be attentive and far-thinking. His freshman year he told me he would like to take accelerated classes in order to take courses at the local university. I gave him an outline of a possible way to do this and he managed it quite handily through effective time management and hard work.

__________________ is headed into a growing career field with an average salary of ____________________. That and his prudence guarantee that this is not a person who would default on a debt. He is a responsible and mature young man with a fine track record for planning ahead.

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