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If you're going to go to any restaurant in _____________________, make it ________________. The thing I love most about this cozy little joint is that they have something for everyone. For people like me and my husband, a big juicy steak and fries is just the thing, but my daughter loves that they have vegetarian choices like tofu burgers and rice bowls. Also, my son is gluten-free and it was wonderful to hear that they use separate equipment to make their flourless pizza. It's so nice to have a restaurant that the whole family can agree on!

This place is not a chain and it never feels like it. The art on the wall is frankly bizarre and the chef likes to meet people and learn their names. Local bands provide weekly music and there's always a nice variety of brews on tap. I've seen college kids, families and couples all come to this fun and friendly joint.

Basically, the food is great, the beer is good, the servers are friendly and you won't have to sell your kids into slavery to get a delicious meal with generous proportions. 5 stars!

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