Letter of Recommendation

   Letter Of Recommendation ROTC


It is my pleasure to recommend ___________________________ for your ROTC program. I have been his football coach for the last ______________ years and I believe that not only will he meet the rigorous physical demands required of him, but that he will rise to any expectation you might have.

______________________ has always trained hard and taken instruction well. He bulked up from ____________ lbs to ________________ lbs over the course of ____________ months by taking on an arduous diet and exercise regimen under my tutelage. He also possesses a keen intellect and a quick sense of creativity. He has often had insightful input for offensive strategies and run patterns.

In addition to his physical attributes, _________________ also has a good GPA of _______ and a strong moral character. He has brought accounts of bullying within the team to my attention and stood up for victims of harassment and hazing. He is a model student who always stands up for what is right.

I have high expectations for this young man. Please contact me for further information at _____________________.

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