Letter of Recommendation

   Letter Of Recommendation Gun Permit


I have been lucky enough to know ___________________________ for the last ___________ years, both as a regular volunteer at my work, ____________________________, and as a close and personal friend.

________________________ is a kind, responsible person. She has always been conscious of rules and laws and to my knowledge has never broken any of them. During her volunteer work with me she has always listened attentively to instructions and worked hard to ensure that all of her duties are fulfilled to the best of her abilities.

As a friend, ______________________ is attentive, selfless and even-tempered. She is constantly looking out for others by offering rides home from work, making treats for coworkers and volunteering at her church. Everyone who knows her knows that she is professional, friendly and giving. I can give no higher recommendation to anyone I know.

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact me for any other information.

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