Letter of Recommendation

   Tenure Recommendation Letter


As the Head of the ____________ Department here at ____________ University, I would like to recommend ______________ for tenure. _____________'s teaching prowess, contribution to research, and overall citizenship have been great assets to our school over the last ______ years, and his dedication deserves full recognition.

____________ has taught __________, _____________, and _____________ every year since ________. In that time, his student evaluation scores have always been above average, with consistent numbers in the "good -very good" categories. He has mentored three graduate students a term every year and helped all of them into positions of authority and responsibility at other schools and positions. ___________ was also nominated by students and staff for the prestigious ___________ award, recognizing his excellent teaching skills.

Outside of the classroom, ___________ has made some excellent progress in research for the __________ field. His work with __________ was published in five journals over the last three years, including _________ Times and _________ Monthly. Critics have largely praised his work for furthering the progress of ______________.

Finally, ___________ is just quite simply a phenomenal coworker and a great friend. He has a great sense of justice and fair play, and is always willing to divvy up work and mediate during staffing disputes. He is a gem of a professor and this university cannot afford to lose him. That is why I wholeheartedly recommend him for tenure. If you have any questions for me, please contact me at ____________________.

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