Letter of Recommendation

   Parole Character Reference


My name is ___________ and I have been the prison supervisor here at TCC for 12 years. I have come to learn in that time which prisoners have reformed and changed their lives, and which are simply waiting to get out. ____________ belongs in the first group, and I recommend him for parole with full confidence.

___________ displays no signs of aggression or violence. I have seen him avoid confrontations with other prisoners who are attempting various forms of altercations. He spends his free time completing courses to better his chances at a job in the outside world. I believe he has over 20 certifications, some of which are in __________ and _____________. He is trying to better himself and build up new opportunities. I believe that he should have the chance to pursue those opportunities.

Besides his personal efforts, ___________ also has a family waiting for him to come home. His wife and children have visited him frequently. They appear to love and miss him very much, and he has voiced numerous times his desire to help raise his daughters. I vouch for his ability to do so well, and to readjust smoothly into a new life, should you grant him parole.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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