Letter of Recommendation

   Nursing School Recommendation Letter


The nursing program at your university has long been known to me as a department with high academic standards and great compassion for the people who walk through the door. With that in mind I would like to recommend _____________ in her application for the nursing program.

_____________is a calm, patient, and intelligent individual. Her test scores have been consistently high, although she truly shines while on the floor, dealing with the daily situations that can be confusing or high-stress. ____________ always keeps a level head and is known for helping others who have become overwhelmed or bogged down with too much work. Her bedside manner is excellent and the patients all love her.

It is my hope that you will accept __________ into your program, seeing as she is such a dedicated worker and a steady, organized person. While we will be sorry to see her go, I know that she will be able to follow her ambition in your school.

Thank you for your time, and if you have any questions for me, please direct them to _________.

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