Letter of Recommendation

   Job Reference Letter — Military


I am writing this letter to recommend _______________ for her application to the United States Army. I have been an NCO for 23 years and have watched _________'s progress for the last ________ years. I attest to her not only her physical capabilities, but her responsibility, creativity, leadership, and analytical skills.

Due to her superb interpersonal skills and communications skills, ______________ has moved up swiftly in our division, being put in charge of ____________ and ___________ over other, more veteran applicants. She is efficient and adaptable, completing her ________skill set in just a few years. Already she is pursuing her ambitions to a level more suited to her talents, and I cannot recommend that transition highly enough.

___________ is an intelligent, hard-working individual who has great potential. If you have any need for further information on the subject, please don't hesitate to contact me at ___________.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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