Letter of Recommendation

   Job Reference Letter — Firefighter


I am writing to recommend ______________ for a position in your fire department. I have been a volunteer firefighter for 19 years, and I have worked with ____________ for ______years at the Salem branch.

I know that strength and endurance are important aspects to being a good and efficient firefighter. ___________ has eight certifications in _______________and ____________, as well as three medals identifying him as a superior ____________. He has dedicated himself to being in peak physical strength, often spending three hours a day working out in addition to his training.

More importantly than strength, though, I believe that disposition and mental fortitude are essential to being a firefighter. ___________ has had to deal with a lot of adversity in his life, and has dealt with it in a composed and goal-oriented way. When his mother died in a car accident, he not only took care of the funeral arrangements to spare his father the grief, but got his sister into counseling when he noticed that she was exhibiting signs of depression. His ability to be clear-headed and think of others in a time of crisis shows his admirable restraint and sense of compassion. I recommend him for this position without reservation. If you have any questions, please contact me at _________________.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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