Letter of Recommendation

   Job Reference Letter — Management


I am writing to serve as a reference for _______________, who is applying for a management position at your firm. He deserves serious consideration.

______________ reported to me in his role at XYZ Company. He did excellent work here, and we were sorry to see him go. He is smart and skilled, but more importantly he is a gifted manager. His natural people skills and intuitive leadership style earned ______________ respect in his department and throughout the company. His team-building skills are unmatched, and the camaraderie he helped build during his tenure here exists to this day.

One year, rather than hire an outside consultant, _______________ suggested developing a model for building trust among departments. During a two-day retreat for managers, I observed even the most cynical department leaders embracing __________'s approach.

I'm sure ____________ will bring these same attributes to your company.

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