Letter of Recommendation

   Job Reference Letter — Administrative Assistant


I am writing to recommend ______________ for employment. I am vice president at XYZ Company, where she previously worked as an administrative assistant.

______________ is a team player and always ready to take on any task. She has all of the qualities you'd look for in an administrative assistant: She is punctual, organized, efficient, and cooperative. She does it all with good cheer and patience.

______________ is also very resourceful. Rather than tell you she can't complete a task, she'll track down the resources to make it happen. Recently, she was asked to send an important package via overnight mail, but the service for which our company has an account had already passed its cutoff time. ______________ called around until she found a delivery service that could meet our deadline, and hand-carried the package to ensure on-time delivery.

_____________ would be an asset to any business. I recommend her highly.

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