Letter of Recommendation

   Job Reference From Coworker 2


_________________ is a true joy to work with, and I strongly recommend her for any job.

_____________ and I worked together at XYZ Factory for three years. She was always upbeat and fun to be around. When one of us was feeling down, ___________ cheered us up with her positive attitude.

She was always on-task and repeatedly earned the factory's awards for productivity. It became a running joke that each month ____________'s name would go up on the engraved plaque. The company could have saved itself a bit of money and just had her name engraved a bunch of times at once!

As a coworker, I was truly inspired by ____________'s work. It shocks me that she was never promoted beyond the assembly line. Even though I'll miss her, I'm excited that she's decided to move on to bigger and better things.

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