Letter of Recommendation

   Job Reference For Former Intern


It is my pleasure to recommend ___________ for employment. ___________ is skilled and energetic with an upbeat, get-it-done personality that fits in well with the world of social media. She would excel as a social media editor, media marketing manager, director of online strategy or in a related role.

___________ participated in the college intern program I supervised at _____________ Magazine. She quickly distinguished herself as an exceptional blog community manager and became a valuable resource for our company. Within a few months, we had her take over supervision of two of the company blogs and the Twitter account and she also became the main point person for our MySpace and Facebook updates. She is extremely tech-savvy and we did not hesitate to entrust her with administrator rights.

_____________ has excellent communication skills, is an engaging writer and stands out in real-life social settings. If you're looking for someone who is skilled in all aspects of Web 2.0, from social bookmarking to YouTube to high-level strategy, ______________ is the employee for you.

I would be happy to talk more about ______________. Please feel free to call or email me.

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